• About Auto Insurance Requirements in Texas

    Prerequisites for Driving in Texas

    Those who wish to drive around the US must first comply with the laws of the state in which they reside. Usually, this means you will have to obtain suitable vehicle insurance that meets the minimum auto insurance requirements in Texas. This is certainly true for the state of Texas and no person can be exempted from this rule. If you insist on driving without carrying the proper insurance papers, then you are courting the possibility of being caught by officers and punished by the courts. Get free quotes and compare auto insurance requirements in Texas. Comply with the laws to the best of your ability to avoid any hassles. The majority of states are satisfied with liability coverage but some prefer to add extra protective clauses to the basic policy. Among these are:

    UM/UIM or Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist

    When two vehicles collide, the one at fault pays for the damage from his insurance. But what if the guilty party is uninsured? Who will pay for the medical bills and the repairs to the victim’s vehicle? This is exactly the scenario envisioned by states which require UM/UIM coverage. With this padded onto the regular liability coverage, motorists can drive knowing that they will be financially protected no matter how responsible or irresponsible the offending party may be. But while this can be handy, the reality is that people will rarely use it, if ever. Some even prefer to do away with it as they view this as an unnecessary expense. Auto insurance requirements in Texas do not include this.

     No-Fault and PIP in Texas

    Another possible add-on is the no-fault insurance coverage. This may be invoked when there is no clear line to delineate who caused the accident between the parties. In such cases, liability insurance cannot be used as there is no real guilty individual. As such, Personal Injury Protection clauses were devised to cover the resulting damage. It is the only real solution to an inconclusive investigation. For Texas, however, this has been deemed excessive and is not included in the minimum requirements. Citizens who do see the merit in this coverage can always get it if they want to.

    Hands-Free Laws in Texas

    Everybody seems to carry a mobile phone nowadays. What used to be a prohibitively expensive piece of technology can now be bought low prices and so even little kids are beginning to get their own. When it comes to texting and driving, things get serious with so many dying due to the distraction. Laws have been passed across the board to regulate this behavior for public safety. In Texas, the hands-free law contains the following guidelines:


    Hand-held ban Applicable to drivers in school zones
    Young drivers all cellphone ban Applicable to drivers below 18
    Bus drivers all cellphone ban Applicable when there is at least one passenger below 18
    Texting ban Only to specific groups/instances, such as bus drivers with passengers below 18, drivers below 18, and drivers crossing school zones
    Enforcement: primary

    With so many things to consider, it’s no wonder that lots of people get frustrated with the process. The laws determine the minimum coverage which directly affects how much the average person has to shell out. But no matter what the car insurance requirements in Texas are, you can always count on the quote generator below to provide you with the lowest rates being offered.

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